A Naturally-Fermented Beginning

Bubbies Pickles was founded in San Francisco, CA in 1982, when Leigh Truex (a Bubbie herself) began selling her homemade, naturally fermented Kosher Dill Pickles at local stores and farmers' markets. While anyone can make a pickle, Bubbies Pickles, with their signature taste and cloudy brine, were clearly special.

The Gray Family Portriat

In 1989, John and Kathy Gray, two former bankers with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of fermented foods, purchased the budding Bubbies of San Francisco. Over their 33 years of ownership, the Gray family turned this small local pickle company into a household name and #1 refrigerated condiment brand in natural foods, nationwide.

Photo of Bubbie!

Bubbies' success has always been rooted in its natural and authentic products that taste as good as (or better than) homemade. At the core of the brand is Bubbie, who epitomizes the classic and nurturing matriarch, and whose wisdom, experience, and conviction connects generations and preserves what truly matters in life. In fact, the Bubbie you see on our label is the Bubbie of Kathy Gray.

Photo of the green BubbieMobile!

Now a part of the Fermented Food Holdings family of brands, Bubbies continues to craft a variety of high-quality fermented and pickled products inspired by Bubbie’s kitchen, with a devoted and growing fanbase that prefers and advocates for products and methods that are natural and authentic.

All are welcome in Bubbie’s kitchen!

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