Cocktails to Ring in the New Year!

Cocktails to Ring in the New Year!

2016 is almost at an end- how did that happen?! If you’re planning on having a celebration on New Year’s Eve, then cocktails can definitely add to the festivities- in more ways than one. Everyone has heard of the pickleback, but we’ve searched long and hard to find a handful of recipes that dill pickle, saerkraut, and horseradish lovers may not have ever heard of, let alone tried. While most of them are savory, we’ve also included a couple of sweet ones in the mix to satisfy the sweet-tooths among you as well. Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year! Cheers!

Sauerkraut shandy from mixologist Chris Kyles of STK Chicago

Created by mixologist Chris Kyles as a cocktail creation challenge, this drink is an interesting mix of flavors and beverages to create a beautiful, complex amber shandy.

The Vladmiry from

The Vladmiry combines carrot juice, horseradish, and spices to create a salty, savory drink that is reminiscent of a traditional Bloody Mary.

Canoe’s Dill Pickle Cocktail from

Pickled Surfer Drink

A sweet and sour cocktail combining dill pickle puree, gin, Grand Marnier, and fruit juices.

The Pickled Surfer from Good Food Stories

For those who prefer sweet cocktails, the Pickled Surfer is a delicious blend of whiskey, bread and butter pickle juice, and a hint of lime.

Sauerkraut Martini from

A simple, brine-y drink that is sure to be a hit with any sauerkraut fans! Bacon and Bloody Mary fans unite! While not an evening cocktail, this drink is perfect for a little hair-of the-dog for New Year’s Day breakfast or brunch.

Spicy BLT Bacon  Bloody Marys from

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