How the Bread & Butter pickle got its name

How the Bread & Butter pickle got its name

Did you know that the term bread and butter pickles originated during the Depression Era?

That’s right, these simple pickle sandwiches became a commonality when options of choice meats and cheeses were scarce and cucumbers were plentiful and cheap. ⁠Primarily, the sandwich comprised of two slices of soft white bread, slathered with salted butter and finished with a thin layer of garlicky, fermented dill pickles. ⁠

Today, the term is well known as a sweet pickle, like my Bread & Butter Chips. These pickles are sweeter than my dills, but they still have that pungent garlic flavor. They’re delicious as is, or in salads and burgers. But one of my favorite ways to enjoy them is in these Bread & Butter Sandwich Bites–a twist on the classic cucumber sandwich.⁠ ⁠Get the recipe for my Bread & Butter Sandwich Bites here.

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